Blog Audit & Business Consultation with Glo

An entrepreneurial journey is one of the most challenging, isolating, yet rewarding paths you will ever take. After almost two decades of blogging and multiple business routes, I finally found a path and system that works for me. It took a lot of trial & error, and way too many tears, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s why I want to offer the very thing I wish I had on my journey, to help others gain clarity, develop strategy, and ultimately, make more money through their passions.

Blog & Business Consultation Session

If you’re someone who feels overwhelmed by all the information out there, let’s sit down via Skype and talk about all the things you’re doing right, things you’re doing wrong, what you should be charging for your content, and how we can optimize your online presence for success.

Based on what you’re struggling with most, I’ll give you access to one Module (4-5 lessons) of my “Blog Like A Boss” Course curriculum to get you on the right track!

(30 minutes)
$ 500.00

Sisterhood Circle Squad Mentorship

For my Sisterhood Circle Retreat members, if you need to follow-up on our 1-on-1 business strategy session or have new ideas you want me to listen to, let’s chat and get you some direction and/or clarity on next steps moving forward.

(30 minutes)

Blog Like A Boss Course

For my current Blog Like A Boss Course students, please use this link to book me to check-in on the course curriculum, break down the modules you’re struggling with, and answer any questions you have about any lessons from the class.

(30 minutes)